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Interview with our Librarian

Why did you choose to be a librarian?
When I was 16 I worked after school in a Cleveland Public Library. I meet a librarian and I wanted to be just like her; helping people find books they wanted to read. So after graduation I started to work in the branch libraries in Cleveland.
Did you ever work in a school library?
Yes!  I left the branch libraries to work at Wilbur Wright Junior High School because it was day hours.  I just got married and wanted to be home in the evenings.  I loved working witht he students.
When did you start working for the Brunswick School of Education?
When my children were in the fourth grade, I joined the staff at C.R. Towslee Elementary School in 1978.  I love my job working with the students and the library has become my home away from home.  So you see, I have worked in a library most of my working years.  I hope you find someone that will be your role model like I did to help you have a job that you truly love.

Do you have a very quiet Library?

No! Towslee School Library is a busy place with lots of activities. Some students may be reading, playing checkers, putting away books. I try to make the library a fun place to find books. We do not have any chairs or tables. The students are in the library for only twenty minutes and then twenty minutes in the computer lab. I like to have the students browse and see what books we have on the shelves.
How do you organize the library?
All kindergarten, first and second grade are in one section. They are called Easy Readers. Third, fourth and fifth grade fiction are in another section. The books are in order by Author. All our non-fiction is in the center of the library in Dewey Decimal order (number order).  The library is very organized as a book in the wrong place is a lost book.
How many books can I take out?

You may take out two books in first grade. Second thru fifth grade may take out three books, video and a magazine. You may keep the books for one week and renew the books three times.


Can I help in the Library?

Yes! You may be a library helper if we have an indoor recess.


Do you have any other activities?

Yes! I have puppets that we use for our mini-plays.


How do you feel about volunteers?
I really love to have adult helpers so they can see all the wonderful reading and other activities in our library. I enjoy having parents visiting and reading to their childs classrooms during library time.

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Mrs. Zeigler
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